ODE TO ODIN – Works By Ernest Concepcion

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Guest blogger Karla Vizcarra gives us eight reasons to hit up Ernest Concepcion’s solo art show.

photo description: Odetoodin image: Ode to odin, oil and ink on canvas, 48" x 60," 2006.

Ode to odin, oil and ink on canvas, 48" x 60," 2006.

There are approximately 8 reasons why you have to go to see this show (If you only need one, see number 8).

1. You are spending far too much time staring at your computer. We know this. Your neighbors know this. To prove that we are making unhealthy assumptions about your life, head out.

2. Admit it. Ruminating on haphazard piles of debris strewn in the middle of galleries could get unnerving. Pretending to understand its profundity even more so.

3. You will see more (and more gigantic) work from the guy who did over a hundred obsessively detailed drawings on the absurdest of absurd battles. Cases in point: Eggs vs. Saint Benedict, Priests vs. Praying Mantids, Tits vs. Asses, Chairs vs. Tables

4. The artist is not that type of artist (you know, the type that makes you want to retrace your steps and cross the other side of the room to avoid having to bump into him). He’s an anime and video games geek who chugs down beer, wears pajamas and worships action figures, just like you. (Well, except that he draws 20-foot high mastodons and vikings and scenes of death, gore and rampage on a regular basis).

5. You can completely get away with making loud, exploding battleship sound effects in here, or those cyborg ray gun impersonations you love doing under your breath. It’s highly possible that everyone else will be doing so, too.

6. The exhibit is everything you’ve always wanted to see in an art gallery: jurassic landscapes, gods of doom, nuclear explosions, robot squids, robot squads, corpses, and lots of about-to-be-corpses–like all your favorite comic books from the best years of your life put together.

7. The show has no concept of time, space, or matter. It is a portal to the 5th dimension, a gateway to that of which remains radically unknown.

8. We’ve seen it and we know: The show is awesome. Go.

ODE TO ODIN works by Ernest Concepcion

June 4 – 27, 2009
Artist Reception: Friday June 12, 7 – 9pm

NY Studio Gallery
154 Stanton Street @ Suffolk
T: 212.627.3276
Thursday – Saturday 12 – 6pm or by appointment

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Born and raised in Manila, Karla Vizcarra arrived in New York a couple of months ago, astounded to discover that the city is, in fact, not a gigantic apple.


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