Life Isn’t Easy For The Pin Cushion Queen

by Karen Tortora-Lee on November 18, 2009 · 2 comments

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Deep Inside The Gummi Bear

Deep Inside The Gummi Bär

Ever wonder exactly what the skeletal system of a gummy bear is really like?  How do they manage to pick things up with those tiny little hands that just seem to appear on the end of their stubby little arms?

Ever wonder what you’re really eating when you pop an unsuspecting little bear into your mouth?

I always wondered too.  Which is why, when I stumbled across the Gelaskins site in the hopes of finding a colorful bit of quasi “armor” for my mac laptop last year, I didn’t think twice before purchasing “Anatomie Gummi Bär” by Jason Freeny.  It didn’t stop there though.

High Tech goes Old School with Underworld

High Tech goes Old School with "Underworld"

I was charmed by “Underworld” by Colin Thompson and had to have it for my iPod.  I even went so far as to purchase “Tales from a Tin Can”  by Brian Despain as an actual print to hang on my wall.  Happily, I didn’t have to break the bank in order to see all the great works of art I found on Gelaskins, because in addition to selling protective covering that goes on almost any electronic thing you can think of  (Including that Les Paul Guitar for your Guitar Hero) you can also feature your favorite works of art right on your Facebook page, which is a great way to showcase your eclectic tastes to the world.  A small sample of what I’ve got on mine:

Boombox II
by Lyle Owerko

Boombox II, by Lyle Owerko,  Rise Fall by Jason Limón, Venda Su Alma by Bob Dob,  and Mr. Bubbles’ Birthday by Brian Despain.

So why all the fuss now?  Because Gelaskins now has added:


both of which feature my favorite “Pin” reference – Burton’s Pin Cushion Queen, and Page … The Pin-Up Queen.  See if you can tell which is which:


For more great images that you can use and re-use over and over again, from all the great artists mentioned above as well as many others, visit

And if nothing in the Gelaskins gallery appeals to you … upload your own photo!  Or the logo of your favorite new website perhaps?


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Antonio MininoNo Gravatar November 18, 2009 at 5:22 pm

Why do I love things I don’t really need. So many options!!!!

I remember seeing this on Stephen’s computer or yours? don’t remember. Anyways thanks for the site, my blackberry will soon be pimped up!

Karen Tortora-LeeNo Gravatar November 19, 2009 at 3:36 pm

I love them too (obviously). I believe that every little surface of your world should have a little bling, if that’s what makes you happy. But, let’s not forget – this is protective covering! So really, you’ve gotta put your blackberry in SOMETHING, why not put it in something FABULOUS?

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