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by Karen Tortora-Lee on November 11, 2009 · 0 comments

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ParksideNov09I know what you’re thinking … “oh … another all-girl acapella group”.  And while I’m not going to try and tell you you’re wrong, I’m also going to tell you that Treble is also MY FAVORITE all-girl acapella group … and that makes all the difference.

I first saw Treble in July of ’06 quite unexpectedly; I was at Bar Nine to meet a friend of mine and have a few drinks and introduce her to my new boyfriend.  Without knowing what was in store, Treble took the stage and I was immediately hooked.  So hooked, in fact, that I bought their CD and loaded it on to my iPod and listened to it almost exclusively for the next several days.  As my “new boyfriend” turned into my fiancé I had dreams of having Treble come to my wedding, and not only performing a few songs, but allowing me to helm a dedication to my new husband.  I had fantasiese of perhaps “This Will Be” or “Being Alive”.  But weddings can sometimes be overwhelming and all the things you dream about can’t always be accomplished.  Still, to their credit, Treble not only corresponded with me for several months but graciously offered to work with me to find something that would work for both of us.  Ultimately, it just wasn’t meant to be, but knowing that these gals were kind as well as talented made me like them even more.

Now they’ll be performing tonight, November 11th at The Parkside Lounge (317 E. Houston Street) at 8:00pm and I really would urge you to go check them out.  These ladies are talented, their song choices can be unexpected, and if they do the “L-Y” song you’ll have some good laughs as well.   For more information about Treble and where you can catch them, check out their Facebook page.


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