Review- Legs And All (Frigid Festival 2010)

by Antonio Miniño on March 10, 2010 · 0 comments

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Summer Shapiro and Peter Musante | Photo credit: Misha Kutuzov

Enter a magical world where language is unnecessary and human relationships are fresh and effective – full of whimsy and enchantment – with a simple encounter between a man, a woman and a box.  With precise physical comedy and crisp clownmanship, Summer Shapiro and Peter Musante deliver a most mesmerizing performance in Legs and All, at the Frigid New York Festival.

We are first introduced to a big blue square box in the middle of the stage, from which Miss Shapiro emerges and sets the tone with a most flowery hunger (sorry kids, you have to see it to know what I’m talking about). You could say that a normal flexi-yoga person could find a way to fit in this big blue square  box (that should give you an idea of the size). After Summer leaves, out emerges a handsome Mr. Musante,  who cleverly lets us in on his most precious treasure chest, in which he keeps colorful boxes within boxes within boxes… within boxes, roaring elephants, most valuable books, manuscripts and other nick-nacks. But whose treasure box is complete without an itsy-bitsy ball? One that he has just spotted on the big blue square box. And here starts the dance between Summer Shapiro, who rightfully owns the miniature ball, and Peter Musante, who must complete his treasure.

Like a dance, Shapiro and Musante innocently get to know each other, tease each other and ultimately share not only the miniature ball, but a new found intimacy. Both performers are a delight to watch, whether they are “clowning around” outside or contorting inside the big blue square box. That’s right, now the box fits two. Rest assured these are not your birthday party scary clowns (yes, I still find clowns scary), but precise comic and physical performers who have created a genuine journey into the heart of a first encounter between two people. One of the standout moments (which is pictured above), is when the improvised picnic turns into an illusory vertical feast.

The Frigid New York Festival was officially over on Sunday, but Legs and All was one of the shows that received a well deserving extension. Adding one final performance this Friday, March 12th at 8:30pm.
You would be a fool to miss it.


Frigid New York presents

Legs and All

Under St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)

Tickets are $15.00, available at

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