SUPERMAN 2050: 4 Things To Know About The Show Before You Go (Times Square International Theater Festival 2012)

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Superman 2050

Theater Un-Speak-Able
Writer and designer: The Ensemble, Theater-Un-Speak-Able
Director: Marc Frost

Superman 2050 is featuring seven actors performing on a single 3’ by 7’ platform. It is an original Superman story, taking place in a fictional Metropolis in the year 2050. At no time do any actors exit the platform, instead existing as either speaking character or background object in each scene, utilizing transitional moments both within and between scenes to shift between the two. It is a fast-paced, high-energy show for all ages.

Show Times:

  • Thu 1/19 @ 7:30pm
  • Sat 1/21 @ 2:30pm
  • Sun 1/22 @ 7:00pm

Answers by Zachary Baker-Salmon – Producer


Karen Tortora-Lee’s Question
This is an international festival. What part of the world are you coming from … and will your show tantalize the NYC audience with a taste of your nation’s culture?

Zachary Baker-Salmon: Our company, like the titular character in our play, hails from the Midwestern United States. We aim higher than corn fields and tornadoes, however, for our approach to storytelling is heavily influenced by European forces. Our “Platform Style” is taught at the London International School of the Performing Arts and our mentor is Italian. Did I mention she’s teaching a three day workshop coinciding with the festival? Sign up if you want to know where the real action is.

Dianna Martin’s Question
Who is the greatest inspiration to you artistically?
Zachary Baker-Salmon:The word “WOW.” We love that word, we want to hear it spoken as often as possible. Our mission is to make the invisible become visible and the impossible become possible. Then if we finish ahead of schedule we might get lunch or coffee or something, you know just hang out.

Geoffrey Paddy Johnson’s Question
What emerged as the greatest challenge during the development of this production?
Zachary Baker-Salmon:This show was written word by word, moment by moment, image by image, by seven people. It took months of work. Every minute of Superman 2050 equals roughly 4.8 hours of rehearsal time. Every moment is essentialized down to the last detail, only what truly must be included makes it into the final product.


Antonio Minino’s Question
You’re in Times Square surrounded by the best Broadway houses and highest selling entertainment in the world. What resources are you utilizing to spread the word about your show and get butts in seats?
Zachary Baker-Salmon:
We bribed a whole bunch of slick producers with lollipops and preferred stock dividends just to get into the festival in the first place. After we had no more strings left to pull, we stitched together some macrame leaflets and after much consideration we are now fully prepared to sing for our supper like every other artist is New York. Sometimes we have trouble blending in.


Theater Un-Speak-Able
Writer and designer: The Ensemble, Theater-Un-Speak-Able
Director: Marc Frost
Run time:35 min
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Website: |
Video teaser:
Venue: Theatre 500, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Thu 19th@7:30pm | Sat  21st@2:30pm | Sun 22nd@7:00pm
Tickets available:
Roy Arias Theaters
300 West 43rd Street 5th Floor
New York , New York 10036
8th Avenue




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