The Night Of The Assassins: 4 Things To Know About The Show Before You Go (Times Square International Theater Festival 2012)

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The Night of the Assassins

National Theatre Company of the Dominican Republic
Director: Orestes Amador

The assassins of Jose Triana are three brothers who unfold a macabre game, dream about the murder of their parents, develop a generational conflict, and are accompanied by a hatred exacerbated to the abuse of the paternal power and the heavy oppression that feels.

Show Times:

  • Tue 1/17 @7:30pm
  • Thu 1/19 @ 6:00pm
  • Sun 1/22 @ 1:00pm

Answers by Wilson Ureña, actor


Karen Tortora-Lee’s Question
This is an international festival. What part of the world are you coming from … and will your show tantalize the NYC audience with a taste of your nation’s culture?

Wilson Ureña: we are from Dominican Republic. Our play has an international language that adapts to any audience. Day to day things, taking the subject of the peoples abuse to the weaker ones which results in more violence and vengeance. Which makes the audience see that Respect to your children’s decisions and choices is necessary so they can be greater human beings.

Dianna Martin’s Question
Who is the greatest inspiration to you artistically?
Wilson Ureña: Al Pacino

Geoffrey Paddy Johnson’s Question
What emerged as the greatest challenge during the development of this production?
Wilson Ureña:The game of being several people at once, with different characteristics.

Antonio Minino’s Question
You’re in Times Square surrounded by the best Broadway houses and highest selling entertainment in the world. What resources are you utilizing to spread the word about your show and get butts in seats?
Wilson Ureña:
Going out and telling people about the theme of our play helping ourselves with the social networks, interviews with the media and just going out there and putting flyers EVERYWHERE.

The Night of the Assassins
Presented by COMPAÑÍA NACIONAL DE TEATRO, Dominican Republic (National Theatre Company of the Dominican Republic)
Writer: Jose Triana
Director:Orestes Amador 

Run time: 60 min | Country: Dominican Republic| Genre: Drama
Venue: Little Times Square Theatre, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
Time: Mon 16th@8:00pm | Wed 18th@6:30pm | Thu 19th@6:30pm
CLICK HERE for  Tickets
Roy Arias Theaters
300 West 43rd Street 5th Floor
New York , New York 10036
8th Avenue




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