The Bronx

We’re very lucky here, at The Happiest Medium, to have such talented contributors.  Our very own Diánna Martin is on a roll – having just directed Good Lonely People for The Planet Connections Festivity she now is working with Jim Tierney’s gritty, gripping play, Banshee of Bainbridge, which will be part of this year’s Fringe [...]


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The other day I was walking by myself, minding my own business down Riverside Park, trying to have some me time with . . . well . . . me, and I noticed these pianos just lying there unattended. So I snapped a shot and did some snooping around, and found out about a fantastic [...]



An interesting social interactivity experiment is happening in the Bronx right now. Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone? Well, thanks to the folks behind this Tree Museum, we don’t have to pave paradise, we can discover it in the Bronx where it’s free (they don’t [...]