Anton Chekhov

I’m sure it happens to you sometimes …  You’re walking down the street, pondering the inevitability of change and the hardship it’s apt to cause when you fail to adapt, and other foibles of the human condition… Then suddenly you realize that the person beside you is reading your mind, and doesn’t like what they [...]



We continue our Midtown International Theatre Festival Q&A with writers Duncan Pflaster of The Starship Astrov, and Michelle Glick, writer and performer of the solo show Asian Belle. Let us start with Duncan. When did you know you wanted to be a writer? Not until about 15 years ago- I thought for a long time [...]



The Cherry Orchard was written in 1904 by Anton Chekhov and while it was the writer’s intent to have it play as comedy, the original production was directed as a tragedy.  This latest production of the play, directed by the venerable Terry Schreiber, contains elements of both comedy as well as tragedy, but it ultimately [...]


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